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I'm new at this community and I'm quite sad that nothing is going on here!

I have made some TV screencaps of the first episode, if anyone wants them I can upload. Quality is not best but okay I think. They're 768x576.

Just a few teaser caps

Edit: I saw that there is at least one person interested, so I'm uploading the caps as .zip file. There could be some ep2 caps in it, cause the episodes have no time between them, so I didn't know where it ended.
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It's been a long time since I've had good cause to post here, but that's okay because now I have something that's really worth posting about.

If any of you are familiar with the author Luc Court, who writes all sorts of wonderful FFX-FFX2 fanfiction and many other fandoms to boot, he has just written one of the most incredible L/R fanfictions I have ever read.

Admittedly, I shamlessly requested it when I found out that he'd seen the show.

Anyway, it's set post-series so anyone who hasn't seen the show all the way through may want to avoid it, but do bookmark it and read it when you've finished. It's that good.

Life Support.
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Daring you on the count of three...

Say, I just mentioned this on my LJ, for those of you who have me friended, but would anyone be interested in me uploading say, a track or two from the L/R soundtrack a day with, for y'all to download? It'd be from the instrumental soundtrack, I haven't got the vocal one.
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9/Rose she will remember his heart

Colourbar cry for help

I've spent all weekend expressing my love for L/R by attempting to make a colourbar (this is rapidly going beyond obsession into sickness XD). There's one problem, though - what to use for the tag line. The straightforward "L/R is love" (or should that be "Licensed by Royalty is love"? @_@) seems so dull, but the only remotely witty line I could come up with was "L/R is l/rove" (or "Licensed by Royalty is l/rove")...